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Huntapac laid down its roots during wartime Britain of 1942, in the village of Tarleton in Lancashire.

Over the past 70 years Huntapac has gone on to become one of the UK’s leading growers of carrots and parsnips, supplying retailers and markets across the UK.

Family tradition and a commitment to quality are still as important today as they were 70 years ago. This heritage has passed down through generations of the Hunter family and ensures that Huntapac is supplying high quality produce whilst embracing a rapidly changing food market – From this seed of thought; the Roots brand began to grow...

The Roots brand was an original concept created for Huntapac’s own line of branded vegetables. Over time we discussed new avenues as we believed that our lovingly grown root vegetables could be used in other new and exciting ways… After some thought we decided that a vegetable crisp which began its life as a humble Huntapac root vegetable, grown in our own fields, by our own farmers would be an exciting adventure for Huntapac Produce.