Roots Hand Cooked Vegetable Crisps with a pinch of Sea Salt are a delicious and natural product, perfect for anyone who is looking for an alternative to regular snack options.

Made using carrots, parsnips and beetroot, our vegetables are thinly sliced and cooked by hand in pure sunflower oil for a super-crunchy texture, before being lightly seasoned with sea salt. No artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives or other additives are used.

Our crisps are well presented in packaging that has a rustic, home grown feel and each packet is backed by the Huntapac story and heritage, which we believe will resonate with consumers, who are keener than ever to know how and where their food is produced.

So when we say they taste so good because ‘it’s in our Roots’, you know that the secret really is because ‘it’s in our Roots’!

The Roots Vegetable Range

We have a variety of products within the ‘Roots’ range from carrots to parsnips, cabbage to cauliflower and our latest fresh produce additions to the brand are the Swede and the Vegetable Selection punnet.